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Storage and Logistic

Home Storage and Logistic

Warehousing and logistics services are provided in:

Port of Montevideo

In these the same operations can be performed: repackaging, marking, classification, sorting, blending, grouping, consolidated and unconsolidated, handling and fractionation.
The destinations of the goods entering the port or airport can be changed freely. No subject in any case to restrictions, limitations, permits or prior complaints.
These goods are exempt from all taxes and surcharges on imports.

Warehousing and logistics services are provided in:

Zonamerica Free Trade Zone
Free Trade Zone
Florida Free Trade Zone

The Free Trade Zone can develop any type of activity, commercial, industrial or service, without limitation and with total exemption from all national taxes, existing or to be created.
For example factories, financial services, information technology, repairs and maintenance professionals and others who require the proper functioning of the installed activities and the sale of such services to third countries.
Also the introduction of goods to such premises is exempt from all taxes.

The companies authorized to carry out activities in the Free Trade zones may be natural or legal persons under any form of company, admitting the bearer share companies, which ensures the anonymity of the investor.
There is no difference between domestic and foreign investment, or required for the latest procedure or any special requirements, foreign firms may establish branches.

Ocean, Land and Air freight consulting

Insurance and Forwarder coordination.